Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Trendwatch 2009: Everybody’s Making The World A Better Place

Creativity Magazine highlights the best creative work being done daily.

In today’s online edition, I couldn’t help but notice how many agencies are making the world better in some way. Or at least pretending to.

DDB Brasil asks you to “Think Globally.”

Y&R Tel Aviv fights for a baby sea turtle.

M&C Saatchi makes an Australian cable company seem whale-friendly (naked branding in “good” clothing).

TBWA/Chiat/Day creates a celebrity radio station for the Tap Project, HERE.

Rubin Postaer is pushing its hybrid, the Insight. (A green product, but not green marketing at all.)

And of course, people are still watching Crispin’s collaboration with the Coen brothers for Reality (“there’s no such thing as clean coal”), and Leo Burnett’s collaboration with Alanis for WWF’s Earth Hour. (Already covered in earlier blog entries.)

Not to mention the Boxed Water packaging, and Agencies In Action hunger-fighting campaign.

All in one week.

Some of this is pure Cause marketing, and some of it doesn’t do much “good” at all. But it’s all pushing to make the world a better place.

Now if we can just get bigger brands to use their big ol’ budgets and mobilize their big ol’ consumer bases behind this kind of thinking, imagine the kind of change that could bring.

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