Thursday, March 19, 2009

Fiji Water: So Good, Yet So Bad

Do a Google search for Fiji Water.

The first two results are the official corporate website, which looks like this.

The third result, and at least two others on the first results page, rail into the company for bad practices. (Other results include benign sales-related pages, etc.)

What is going on here? Is Fiji Water good/green, or the opposite?

Their corporate website says: … well, it’s too much to quote. But it screams green. Deep green. “Sustainability. Saving the rainforest. Reduced packaging. Help by recycling. Water for Fiji. Investing in Fiji’s Future. Global Giving. Carbon Negative.” – wow.

But human rights segments say this … well, again it’s too much to quote. But basically the water biz on the tiny island seems guilty of denying its own people clean drinking water, lobbying against a water tax that would provide it, disrupting the region’s vital natural water cycles, using lots of oil to ship from far away, and other big bad business things.

As THIS article says, “Fiji Water exported about 130 million liters of Fiji water in the past year. To present a "green face" to the world -- Fiji Water returns a token amount of money to bring clean water to certain areas of Fiji.”

If I just look at the corporate website, I don’t think I’ve ever seen such an overreaching green message from any company ever.

Sounds to me like Fiji Water is trying to compensate – read: Greenwash – some very bad behavior, in a very big way.
It’s their marketing budget vs. the citizen greenwashing watchdogs who are calling them on it. I'm reading: Fiji Water: So Good, Yet So BadTweet this!

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