Tuesday, March 24, 2009

EarthDay.net vs. EarthHour.org

An excerpt from an actual conversation:

“Hey, Earth Hour is coming right up.”

“Yeah! I love Earth Day. I think it’s April 22nd, right?”

“Well, yeah, Earth Day is April 22nd. But I was talking about Earth HOUR. Totally different thing.”

As one of my idealistic friends says, “One day, every day will be earth day.” I don’t think this person knows Earth HOUR even exists.

Please, someone at Earth Hour call someone at Earth Day. Get on each others’ calendars. Until you guys get coordinated, we’re all confused.

For the record, Earth Day is indeed April 22nd. And they would like you to “plan an event,” which is a pretty big ask for a Wednesday.

Earth HOUR is Saturday March 28th. They want you to turn off your lights for one hour at 8:30pm local time. (Seems like this would actually be easier on a Wednesday.)

There are many fine companies planning campaigns around these events, or at least participation. Please comment if you know of some. I'm reading: EarthDay.net vs. EarthHour.orgTweet this!

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