Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Goodby’s Debut w/Quaker = Good

Well, whatd’ya know. The first major campaign for Quaker from their new agency Goodby has a major component of do-gooder-ness in it. It’s called the Quaker Go Project, and it’s done well. Here’s why.

It’s on-strategy: a food brand fighting hunger in America.

It’s actionable: customers submit UPC codes (via Facebook), and each one “donates” a bowl.

It’s risk-free: “up to a million bowls.” Quaker knows exactly what their commitment is at the beginning.

It’s simple: check out their website (it’s much easier than Diet Coke’s for heart health).

It’s got a little flash: it includes celebrity chef Art Smith, which doesn’t overshadow the client or the cause.

Creatively, the whole campaign is cleaner too, focusing on the simplest end benefit of powering your day right. Though the tagline “Go Humans Go” is pretty darn expansive, it works with the main campaign and the Good sub-campaign as well.

Oatmeal is pretty simple stuff, and wholesome too. It’s no time for the post-modern ironic approach. Element79’s plastic Quaker statue is officially ancient history. I’m going to have some oatmeal to celebrate.

So - has anyone seen the results of Quaker’s Go Project? It officially ran from 1/12 – 2/28. I’d love to know if Quaker’s customers hit the one million mark. (Though Quaker is continuing the Go Project online, HERE.)

(NOTE: Goodby coordinated with Edelman to pull-off the Good part of this campaign, and Edelman also deserves huge credit for this. You can read Edelman's release, HERE. And yes, the NYTimes picked it up; story is HERE.) I'm reading: Goodby’s Debut w/Quaker = GoodTweet this!

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  1. Great campaign! I love the artwork.