Friday, March 6, 2009

Follow Up: Speed Dating+Good

So, I requested an invitation to the Speed Dating event. (Note to my g-friend, it’s in Australia so don’t worry.) I got this nifty invitation (above), and I decided to follow a link included, which led me HERE.

Apparently, it wasn’t just some amateur move after all. It’s a full-fledged (small) business, and I like it. It’s called Everyday Hero, and they operate in Australia.

They enable anyone – from Steve’s-Going-For-A-Jog, to yes, Fast Love (the Speed Dating event I was invited to, but am not going to, I promise) – to do what they do for charity. Imagine the implications, especially if a company decided to use it. "Order some Juice Brand schwag online, and the money goes to Farm Aid." I'm sure there are a zillion better ideas out there. (Gotta keep it aligned with the values, you know.)

These guys could be the missing link between companies and Good.

When the client objection comes up, “Great but, we just can’t fulfill on a Good idea like that.” The response now can be, “Yeah, but maybe these guys can do it for us.”

This idea is bigger than Australia. Let's hope it reaches our shores, but quick. I'm reading: Follow Up: Speed Dating+GoodTweet this!


  1. This is a great find David. Thanks for sharing!

  2. These guys could be the missing link between companies and