Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Steal This Idea: Why Don’t Green Products Use Greener Marketing?

Companies keep developing products that are easier on the earth. And that’s fantastic. Then they start the marketing, and it’s the same old plan, same old techniques.

My question is, if a product can have Goodness designed into it, why can’t a marketing plan?

The same innovation that makes that Hybrid get 45mph, apply that end-goal thinking to the marketing. It makes sense: if a customer wants to save the earth, they’re interested in this product. So how about structuring the marketing plan so that the very purchase of a Hybrid does even more to help the earth?

One way to do this is incentives. “Buy a Hybrid from our dealership, and we’ll pay to carbon-offset the rest of your life as well.” If I were a Hybrid shopper, I’d think that was pretty cool. I may even put a bumper sticker on my car about it. But it would definitely give me a reason to check out that dealer instead of buying a used car from my neighbor on Craig’s List. The dealer wins with a sale, a customer that may tell their friends about it, and there’s another Hybrid on the road.

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  1. You make such a good point. It seems so simple and yet such few brands and/or ad agencies have taken the lead!
    I am a Brand/Communications Strategist graduating from VCU Brandcenter, and I want to work in NYC for an agency or a client that is focused on doing good. Droga5 is definitely on my list. I was wondering if you had any recommendations of places I should consider?

  2. Hey T - VCU is a great school, so it should open some doors for you. Also check out Saatchi S - a relatively new branch of the Saatchi network, focused entirely on doing good. The whole Saatchi network has some pretty serious goals in that area. Best of luck! - DY