Tuesday, March 17, 2009

CMOs Love Naked Models (Let’s Make This Really Simple)

Here’s a fun (yet dated) statistic from 2005:

100 “green-screened” stocks increased 97% in value. By contrast, the Russell 2000 had a gain of 23.2 percent, and the S&P 500 has had a loss of -16.9 percent. – Winslow Green Index (WGI) of Boston-based Winslow Management Co.

What do you think? Do today’s stats still favor “green” stocks?

In more recent news, Inc. Magazine reports that companies that do “good,” are doing well in these tough economic times. Why? Because nowadays “good” and “green” products are also the ones that save people money in the long run. Read their anecdotal story from 2/20 right HERE.

The point is, doing “good” attracts money. Want to be profitable? Add some Good to your marketing, and build in a way for your customers to participate. They will reward you.

“You can make money and do good at the same time. They are not separate acts."
-Tom Chappell, founder, Tom's of Maine I'm reading: CMOs Love Naked Models (Let’s Make This Really Simple)Tweet this!

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