Friday, March 20, 2009

A Regular, Everyday, Award-Winning Ad Campaign

No dollars going to charity. No puppies, seals, or children in Africa being saved here. And yet, this is a great example of societal marketing. It’s just an idea from the agency. “Maybe the benefit of this cold-water detergent is that it saves energy.” And everybody knows that saving energy is good for the earth (and your wallet).

You can see the campaign in-context by picking up the 12/07 issue of Communication Arts. It’s the Ad Annual. Kudos, on a number of levels.

(Copy: If everyone in New York City washed their laundry in cold water for just one day, the energy savings could be 5.7 million KWH. Enough to power every light in the Empire State Building for an entire month. Save loads of energy. Tide Coldwater. – From Saatchi & Saatchi, New York.)

Could the ad you're working on have a benefit of a greater good? Maybe that's the ad. I'm reading: A Regular, Everyday, Award-Winning Ad CampaignTweet this!

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