Wednesday, March 18, 2009

The Gap Does A Chain Letter for Good

A great brand, a great cause, a weird tactic.

They call it “Give & Get.” In this good-hearted promotion, the Gap (parent co. of Gap, Banana Republic, and Old Navy) extended its Friends and Family discount of 30% to “everyone.” (At least, everyone who got the e-mail forwarded to them.) At the same time, they would donate 5% of every purchase to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. Fantastic.

I have two questions.

Is there any strategic relevance between The Gap and … leukemia? Not to take anything away from cancer research (my mom had breast cancer, and God knows we need the research). But this is a clothing brand.

What does The Gap stand for? Hip, comfortable fashions for all. There are lots of clothing charities that could use support from a retailer like the Gap. Help abused women dress for job interviews. Help homeless people with new clothes. Help struggling families provide clothing gifts for their kids at Christmas.

Suddenly The Gap’s core business has a mission, a greater purpose.

Imagine if they did an ad about that.

Next question. What’s up with the e-mail chain letter? If they really want to do some good, why not shout it out loud? Invite everyone. Or maybe, just maybe, is a chain letter the earliest form of social marketing known to man?

In any case, I hope the Gap and it’s friends and family donated tons of money to the L&LS. I'm reading: The Gap Does A Chain Letter for GoodTweet this!

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