Monday, April 6, 2009

“Pay It Backward” Locals Do Good

Here’s the schtick: people go to a coffee shop and buy the cup for the person behind them in line. I can’t believe there’s a standing record for this, but there is. It’s 490 people. Or at least it WAS until a bunch of Torontonians (Torontoes?) decided to set a world record – and do it for charity.

They found a willing coffee shop to donate the proceeds (smart, cheap promo for Second Cup), and they spread the word online.

They got over 600 people to “pay it backward” that morning. At about $3 a cup, I’m estimating the donated about $2,000 to charity. I bet Second Cup earned a lot of loyal customers that day.

Oh, and they set a world record. Good times.

(A link to the group that organized it is right HERE.) I'm reading: “Pay It Backward” Locals Do GoodTweet this!

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