Tuesday, April 21, 2009

A Few Nice Sentences from The Green Marketing Manifesto (Recommended!)

If you haven't read The Green Marketing Manifesto (Wiley, 2007), I recommend it. It’s not as hippy-dippy as the title sounds. It’s written by an ad agency guy, John Grant (co-founder of one of the more groundbreaking ad agencies in the UK, St. Luke’s.) It’s not just about environmental or “cause” marketing. It’s about how for-profit companies can earn loyalty and grow by working with their customers for good. To wit:

“This book is about green marketing as a creative opportunity, to innovate in ways that make a difference and at the same time achieve business success.”

“When I say ‘green’ in the title of this book, while I do mean climate change, I also mean other environmental and social issues too.”

“In my view we should see green marketing as the next revolution (after the internet).”

“(The beautiful coincidence is) marketing and innovation examples where what is right for the environment is also good for a business. This is a very fast-moving area.”

“All three of these trends (sustainability, web 2.0, and new marketing) are based on similar tendencies: the feeling of wanting to change things, social and ethical values, community, a fascination with the future, a belief in the power of the individual and in adhocracy, advocacy and people power.”

And that’s just the introduction. More nuggets to come, I'm sure.

More helpful reviews on Amazon, I'm sure.

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