Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Doing “Good” In Tough Times=Smart

In 3/30 New York Times, ad columnist Stuart Elliott brings it.

Who’s doing good by society now? The list of the day includes Toys “R” Us, American Airlines, and BBDO’s David Lubars. Take it away Stu …

“Efforts in advertising to pay attention to the disabled are accelerating even as the business of many marketers is slowing.

The seeming contradiction is not surprising because in harder times many consumers begin thinking about weightier matters than the size of their homes or the features on their phones.

That shift in attitudes represents an opportunity to connect with the public on less mercenary — and more altruistic — levels.”

That, and Lubars’ crusade to stop the slang use of the word “retarded.”

The article is worth a skim, and you can see it HERE. I'm reading: Doing “Good” In Tough Times=SmartTweet this!

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