Tuesday, April 7, 2009

All Beer is Good. This Beer is “Good.”

Can it be? We have the first official entry into the “Good” Awards. And to think, I didn’t even think it was real. Apparently it is. I got a actual, live submission from an old colleague who now runs LittleBigBrands in New York. Here’s what they done did. Take it away, Pamela …

“We recently gave Lionshead beer, a popular beverage in the Pennsylvania college scene, a complete packaging overhaul - contemporizing the brand with sustainability in mind.

Key to the new design is authentic graphics, tongue-in-cheek neck labels (e.g. "The Best Head in Town"), and four "paw holes" that replace the standard six-pack handle. The smaller labels use 40% less paper than the previous labels, and baskets and cartons are unbleached kraft stock. Cube 12-packs use 25% less material than traditional 12 pack boxes. The design allowed for the use of 47-lb. paper as opposed to the previous 51-lb. paper, and we moved the client to a printer who offered vegetable-based inks. Additionally, copy was added to the 6-pack, 12-pack, and case to encourage recycling. "Your favorite lion encourages you to keep our natural habitat clean. Lionshead beer uses recycled bottles and recycled content materials. Do your part and practice recycling in your own den."

Results to date have been outstanding - the redesign made it possible for the brewery to gain new distribution in New York and New Jersey, and the beer is flying off shelf. Lionshead has been featured in publications such as Brandweek, Package Design magazine and Packaging Digest. It will also be included in The Big Book of Green Design (fall 2009). You can see the end result at our web site http://www.littlebigbrands.com/littlebig.html.”

Beer just got better.

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