Thursday, May 28, 2009

Levi’s Gets Political

Wow, what a gutsy choice by Levi’s.

Whether you’re for it, or against it, certainly you’ve been hearing about California’s same-sex marriage ban. It’s a heated debate, but is it too hot for a marketer to touch?

Levi’s dives straight in, taking sides with the gays. Making a stand. Saying, “we believe in equal rights.” Will it attract customers? I bet it will.

Levi’s store mannequins are being adorned with “White Knots,” the symbol for same-sex marriage rights.

This post isn’t about “good” vs. “bad.” It’s about building a belief brand, and being part of the conversations however nasty it may get.

As they say, victory goes to the bold, not to the smart. (Perhaps it goes to both.)

Read the New York Times article, HERE. I'm reading: Levi’s Gets PoliticalTweet this!

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