Friday, May 1, 2009

Looking Directly Into The SunChips (bag)

Sun Chips is a Frito-Lay brand that’s tried to tout its “powered by the sun” positioning. Presumably, they’ve got some solar panels powering their facilities. And now, they’ve got something else to talk about.

They’ve redesigned their packaging to use compostable bags. What the hell does that mean, you ask? It means the bag will crumble in the dirt in just 14 weeks. It means, “The new SunChip bag's outer layer will be made with polyactic acid (PLA), a compostable, plant based renewable material. By Earth Day 2010, all North American Sunchips bags will feature the new 100% compostable packaging.” In enviro-speak, it will significantly reduce greenhouse emissions, and since the new packaging is plant-based, it will cut down on petroleum use.

So? So, now they’ve got something else to talk about, and the greater snacking public has another reason to go for the Sun Chips. They're a leader (in one respect) in their category. They're different.

Now let’s wait to see if the ads are any good.

You can read the more complete story, HERE.

UPDATE: the ads are good. Here's a nice, simple video from their agency, Juniper Park. Thanks to their planner/strategy guru Jason O. for sharing.)
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  1. Well, if they are owned by Frito Lay, wouldn't you think Frito Lay would roll this out across the board? Or would doing that be hurtful to their marketing position with Sin Chips? To me it's a small step toward helping the environment, a larger one toward increasing Sun Chips market share.