Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Trendwatch: “The Future Of Marketing” Is Good

So, the head of Planning at Modernista! Gareth Kay has written a little article called “The Future Of Marketing.” In it, he identifies four things smart brands and ad campaigns will be doing more of in the future. And guess what? The number one trend he identifies is NOT “Social Media” (the buzzword of the year). Nope. It’s this:

1. Brands will be built on cultural and social missions, not commercial propositions.

“Marketing historically has been obsessed with the concept of positioning – how you are different to your competitors in your category. Increasingly, great brands are realizing that people don’t see categories and don’t obsess about them. What actually matters is having a point of view on the world, a cultural mission to ask people to rally around. You can begin to see this come to life in marketing ideas like Dove’s ‘Campaign For Real Beauty’ and, more importantly, embedded into the very DNA of businesses.”

To read about his other 3 predictions, go HERE.

(Is it just me, or is it odd that this prediction comes from the agency responsible for the Hummer and Cadillac ads? Hey, some of those ads are enviably fantastic, but those brands seem pretty absent of a “cultural mission.” Perhaps that’s all in the past now. And if you're interested, Modernista's website is strange, and lives HERE.) I'm reading: Trendwatch: “The Future Of Marketing” Is GoodTweet this!

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