Monday, May 4, 2009

The (More) Complete SunChips Story

More on SunChips. Again, a huge brand taking an earth-friendly position. And the ads are good. (From an agency called Juniper Park in Toronto. The cybersphere rumors them to be a spin-off from BBDO.)

They won some awards with a “solar powered” billboard.

And they also did this solar-powered newpaper ad (which is hanging in my creative director's office.)

And of course, they’re activating it all with social media like Facebook and consumer-generated content.
It all comes together on the Sun Chips website, HERE.

As BrandWeek says of the eco-angle, “This strategy has paid off handsomely as Sun Chip sales are up 17.6%, totaling $201.8 million for the 52 weeks ending June 15, per IRI.”

And as the Sun Chips brand manager told BrandWeek, “We're seeing a lot of customers and retailers interested in these efforts. This resonates a lot with them. With Wal-Mart, we had a partnership earlier this year to be one of few brands they are pushing in the environment space along with GE light bulbs and Tide cold water. … It’s so on trend.”

Read the whole BrandWeek article, HERE.

My guess is, as they continue to take "small steps" to help the environment, they'll have more great stories to tell in their advertising.

Check out Juniper Park’s website, HERE.

Mad props to all involved. I'm reading: The (More) Complete SunChips StoryTweet this!

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