Monday, June 1, 2009

A Tree Falling In The Frosted Flake Forest

Apparently, Frosted Flakes is doing good.

Maybe I’m not hearing about this because I’m not watching Saturday morning cartoons. But I do pay attention to advertising. I have no idea why this isn’t getting more chatter. Perhaps kids’ ballparks isn’t as PR-friendly as a “green” program? Perhaps the media department fell asleep at the wheel? I don't know.

I will say this. The audience is pretty narrow. The ads seem to talk to parents, but only parents of little league players. (Including Tony the Tiger only makes sense, since he’s such an icon for the brand.) But for the 90% of parents out there whose kids aren’t in little league, this pitch doesn’t work. (The “Plant A Seed” language is confusing. Makes me think it’s a save-the-planet thing. “Fields of Dreams” or something would’ve been closer.)

I also resent the “write us a letter and we’ll decide if you’re worthy” approach. I’m all for consumer involvement, but this smells judgmental for some reason. I’d rather know that every box that I buy sends a little money toward the effort. That’s easier for me, and a real reason to buy.

Your heart’s in the right place, FF. the campaign is even integrated with their web site, etc. But the execution of the program? Not ggrrrrreat.

See their site, HERE.

(I believe this was done by Kellogg's agency, Leo Burnett.) I'm reading: A Tree Falling In The Frosted Flake ForestTweet this!

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