Thursday, June 4, 2009

Absolut Gets Naked for the Gays. (Thankfully, Alec Baldwin just writes.)

As long as there is someone being discriminated against, there will be an opportunity for anyone – even a brand – to take their side. And in so doing, take the moral high ground.

Here, Absolut Vodka loses its label for folks being discriminated against due to their sexual orientation. “In An Absolut World, There Are No Labels."

The vodka brand goes on to say, "The vision from Absolut is to challenge the entire concept of labels and prejudice, in pursuit of a more diverse, vibrant and respectful world.”

Creatively, this is so simple and gutsy, it's great. And it works because the bottle is so iconic, even without the name of the product printed on the front you know exactly what brand it is. Not many brands can do this. Absolut realized they could, and then had the guts to take their name - arguably their very brand - off the package. That's cool.

And while the topic of Prop 8 is hot, Alec Baldwin offers his unique clarity in a little article, found HERE.

To see how another huge brand is responding to Prop 8, click HERE I'm reading: Absolut Gets Naked for the Gays. (Thankfully, Alec Baldwin just writes.)Tweet this!

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