Tuesday, June 2, 2009

NBC is a Brand. NBC is a Brand Doing Good

If you’re NBC, how do you do good? You have no physical product, no stores to appear in, your product isn’t filling land fills.

First, maybe you realize that any loyalty you may have is likely to the shows, not to your network. Secondly, use what you have.

NBC has millions of viewers who love certain characters on their shows. The asset they’re leveraging here is not the viewers, and it’s not so much the celebrities, but it’s the LOVE. One nice thing about doing good: celebrities like to join in.

The spots are as entertaining as the shows (well, some of them are), so people won’t change the channel.

Is the program working? All I know is, if it’s mainstream enough for the leading major network to get behind it, then I’ll bet more of mainstream America is “greening their routine.” It’s “normal-ified.” Here’s a bit about being healthy:

A star-studded clip about NBC’s “The More You Know” program in this handy video.

Even better, are NBC’s fake PSAs featuring the cast of The Office. (There’s a bunch of them on YouTube.) Here’s some useful information from Dwight Schrute about the Arctic Wolf.

If all your brand has is a loudspeaker and a spotlight, then that's what you can use for good. And guess what, your customers like you for it. I'm reading: NBC is a Brand. NBC is a Brand Doing GoodTweet this!

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