Friday, February 27, 2009

“Carrotmobs:” Good Marketing + Social Media = a Strange World

San Francisco is full of damn dirty hippies (aka, “enlightened consumers”), and that’s not only awesome, it just might be the future of marketing.

Say hello to “Carrotmobs,” groups the Economist describes as “crowds of activists who buy everything in the winning shop in a contest between retailers to be the greenest.” Imagine that. Some little retailer who's stocked with Hemp candle holders suddenly sells out in one hour. Or something like that. And of course, today’s enlightened consumers are connected online, making them approachable by new “eco-startups.” One such firm is called Virgance, which combines “a volunteer network (‘boots on the ground’), an ‘activism presence in Facebook,’ a team of paid bloggers who promote Virgance campaigns, and YouTube videos supporting its causes.”

It's good to share values with the people you're trying to reach. They just might mob your carrots.

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