Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Cannes Lion 2012 Grand Prix For Good: Help Remedies/Droga5

I wonder if any ad agency has done more for the world than Droga5.

First is wat the Tap Project with Unicef. Then the Millenium Project for NY Public Schools. Now this. (Let me know if I've missed one.)

They prove yet again, that combining a mass CPG product with cause - this time in a very tangible, participatory way (not just a corporate donation) - everybody wins. Including Droga5 who just won the 2012 Cannes Lion Grand Prix for Good.

Imagine this is your client. Imagine the problem solving sessions that birthed this idea. Perhaps someone said, "Can a band aid solve a global health issue?" Or maybe someone asked, "How can we catch all the little drops of blood out there and signe 'em up to help?" However it happened, they took two heretofore unrelated organizations and found an ingenious way to link them.

If you're a marketer, maybe the biggest solution isn't in getting the biggest director to shoot a Superbowl spot. Maybe it's in redefining the problem itself to be as big as possible. What if the goal is bigger than awareness, consideration, preference, sales - bigger than getting people to "Like" your brand.

Take on something bigger than creating an ad campaign. Your ideas will grow big enough to solve it.

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