Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Lonely Alligator

This is a great idea, bigger than just one company. But oddly, the one big brand that has embraced it is standing there alone. Well, they’ve enlisted a couple other small brands, but come on.

Let’s back up. Companies have used animals for logos since the dawn of time. Since then, some of these creatures we wear on our shirts and drink from our beer steins have become endangered. No help from those companies manufacturing said shirts, etc – until now.

It’s called Save Your Logo; a program that companies can participate in to fund preservation of their namesake critter.

The first big brand to sign up is Lacoste, that of the endangered crocodile.

Learn more here:

It's a simple, clear proposition. Buy a shirt with a crocodile on it, and some of the money goes to the crocodiles. That's pretty cool. Almost makes a $100 polo shirt worth it.

But. They need to enlist more companies to really make it a movement. Either this should be The Lacoste Thing, or it should be much bigger. Being in limbo, I can’t see this well-intended, original idea getting much traction.

Which other brands should save their logos, you ask? Below, I humbly offer some ideas.

Write your local CMO.

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